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Program Air date
American Sportsman1965 (with actor Peter Breck)
American Sportsman1975 (with Peter Benchley)
Good Morning America1976 (with athlete Bruce Jenner)
Schaefer Beer Commercial1980
Late Night With David Letterman Aug. 24, Sept. 6, 1983; 84, 85, 86
Bill Boggs Midday ShowOct. 4, 1983
Today in New YorkOct. 7, 1983
Two On The TownOct. 17, 1983
Late Night AmericaNov. 11, 1983 (with Dennis Wholey)
Larry King Tonight 1984
West 57th Street "Sharks"Aug. 8, 1987
CBSNewsAug. 1987
ABC's Wide World of Sports Aug. 1987
Hawaiian Moving CompanyApril 29, 1990
ESPN (aired October 12, 2004 at 7:00 p.m. EST as part of the Monster Shark Fishing Tournament program)
Discovery Channel Shark Week (aired July and August 2005)
John Wilson's Dream Fishing (British TV program, aired 2006)
Huffington Post (video interview, to be featured on their website in September 2008)