Out Now!  . . . . .  "Fifty Years A Hooker: The Autobiography."   This book tells the true story of Frank Mundus, the man behind the inspiration for the shark hunter Quint in the movie Jaws.   Available now at www.xlibris.com!

Cover of my autobiography Fifty Years a Hooker

Book Cover Photo Copyright © 2005 Frank and Jeanette Mundus

This book is the autobiography of Frank Mundus, shark fisherman--the real "Quint" and inspiration for the character from the movie "Jaws." Read about how it all began, and of the fish and people that helped make it happen! Every story is 100 percent true. Fifty Years a Hooker has been published by Xlibris Publishing Co. and can be ordered directly from their site Click here to buy the book. Note: Autographed books are no longer available for purchase, but you can buy unsigned copies from this website and Xlibris' site.
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