The 3,427 lb White Shark: The Largest Fish On Rod and Reel

Angler Donnie Braddick and I with the 3,427 lb white shark at Montauk Marine BasinThis shark was a little over 17 feet long and took us an hour and forty minutes to put the first gaff into it and then, after struggling for another hour, we finally got the fish secured with a tail rope, and dragged it home behind the boat.

Back at the dock at midnight, it took us another three or four hours to weigh in the fish, take photos and put him on a bed of ice for the night at Montauk Marine Basin. This picture shows where we brought him out in the morning to be examined by National Marine Fisheries Service scientists Jack Casey, Wes Pratt and their crew from the lab at Narragansett, Rhode Island.

Photo Copyright © 2000 Frank Mundus. All Rights Reserved